Medicina Alternativa – Open International University for Complementary Medicines, together with its affiliated Global Universities and vast international network is one of the largest universities in the world teaching complementary medicines and has 60 years of history going back to year 1962, having subsidiaries in over 80 countries. Thus it is no secret that since then a large number of professionals, educationists and entrepreneurs with success stories have passed out from this university.

With the radical changes brought about in the business world owing to the global pandemic of Covid 19, many small and medium scale companies have been wiped out. To make things more complicated, Sri Lanka is going through an economic catastrophe which has yet to see a lasting solution. Amidst these challenges, we felt it our responsibility to identify and reward those who have withstood these pressures and are now ready to take up the new challenges inculcating a winning mindset to see Sri Lanka being positioned at the next level.

While having the prime objective of giving awareness to the entrepreneurs how to win the business world with upcoming competitions, economic & business challenges through quality education, the Medicina Business Icon Awards forum and workshop will be held at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo on 18th February 2023 with the leadership of several experts in the field to felicitate the leading entrepreneurs.

Medicina Business Icon Awards is a new unique opportunity to identify, recognize and celebrate the contribution made by recognized Business Leaders of the country who will receive the Medicina Business Excellence Awards plus an opportunity to set aside a time slot on Beauty TV channel to share your story with the world. Thereafter we would also provide you with an opportunity to be considered for inclusion in a forthcoming coffee book edition on noteworthy Sri Lankan Leaders.

We believe that the passion, determination, tireless energy and skill that goes into running a top-performing company all deserve recognition and our awards are designed to celebrate businesses from across a range of sectors.

The recipients of the awards are dynamic leaders behind today’s outstanding businesses. They are exemplary individuals who epitomize strength, ingenuity, knowledge, foresight and who drive the growth of their businesses with vision and inspiration.

Accordingly, the Medicina Business Icon Awards will be held for the benefit of top level entrepreneurs and innovators giving direct contribution to the national economy. Also, with the concurrence of the Medicina Europe Association and Ecumenical Medical , Humanitarian Knights of St John a global institution with a 1000 year history to promote and encourage the novices and experts of the business world to promote, induce and strengthen the society to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 9.

Benefits for the winners

Selection Committee

How to Apply

Please download the application form, complete Sector, and Industry categories first. Thereafter complete your individual details and along with supporting documents submit them to us The decision of the selection committee will be final.


Medicina Alternativa Alma Ata 1962 celebrating 60th Anniversary

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